Ocean Heroes Action Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to provide guidance and resources for young Ocean Heroes to develop and implement a campaign to reduce the use and disposal of single-use plastic straws. It is the product of coalition of organizations that develop and host the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp to empower kids to become effective heroes for the planet's oceans.


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Along the left hand side, you'll see three Cs - Challenge, Campaign, Communicate. These are the big three sections of the site. Use the menu to navigate among the sections and pages of the toolkit.


Hero Society

Need guidance or have a question to ask? Members of the Hero Society are experts in the area of ocean science and activism who are available through the platform to help.

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Becoming a hero for the planet's oceans is hard work and we want to be sure that work is celebrated and rewarded. There are points throughout the platform where we'll ask you to tell us about your campaign. At each of these points, you'll qualify for rewards including:

  • Feedback from Hero Society members
  • Priority registration at upcoming Ocean Hero events
  • Eligibility for scholarships & grant funds to support your work
  • Coverage through various media outlets
  • The possibility of serving as a Squad Leader in future Bootcamp

Some heroes may even be invited to represent the Bootcamp at other ocean events around the world.